March 2021

That’s where we should have been at the beginning of this month!

Praia de Falesia.

I mean, just look at that sky.

But we are where we are and maybe that’s not such a bad place. This month will be a short blog, I think. It’s been a strange few weeks and I’m not sure my head’s in quite the right place so I’ll apologise for the rambling in advance.

We’ve had the first Covid jabs in our house so things appear to be moving in the right direction. Having all the schools go back seems an unnecessary risk to me but we won’t know what effect that has had for a few weeks yet. People have their hearts set on lockdown easing soon and disappearing all together by June. That might be a bit ambitious but it would be brilliant if it could happen. The crocuses and daffodils brighten the world significantly and the warmer weather and lighter evenings are more welcome than they have ever been before.

Now the clocks have gone forwards and it’s still light at half seven at night, it all feels a bit more cheerful and hopeful. The air is warmer and we can now meet up with friends in gardens. April can be a bit wacky, weather wise, but, if we’re lucky, we can start to feel almost as normal as we did last summer. Although, I still don’t understand how everything could have been allowed to go so wrong. After successfully stalling the virus, the government then started to open up all the schools and universities, restaurants and pubs, and shops. They then proceeded to tell us that we might be entering the second wave. You don’t need to be a genius to realise that this is simply not the case. There was no ‘second wave’. Just the first one continuing to do what it does so well and the establishment trying to blame the virus for its own disastrous decisions. It’s the same infection that took hold in early spring last year that ravaged us over christmas and New Year. It wasn’t the virus having another go, it was us allowing it to spread faster. We weren’t the victims (well, we were but of our own leaders), we were the perpetrators. And all because the Tories can’t stand the idea of people not buying shit that they don’t need.

And it doesn’t look as though anyone is likely to take the blame for any of this. If I was responsible for over a hundred and fifty thousand deaths then I think I would be swinging from a bit of old rope by now. I can’t even begin to imagine living with that on my conscience. And yet it doesn’t seem to bother the government in the slightest. Their utter lack of care for our entire society is shocking: stabbing the nurses in the back, not allowing teachers to be tested, spraying billions to their personal friends without a scintilla of scrutiny, and setting up the police force in the most cynical way imaginable. I know there are bad apples in the force but can you imagine working for them now? I suspect there are some very difficult conversations taking place in the homes of officers. We’re having our rights stripped away daily by Brexit and the Tory High Command and there’s nothing that we can do about it. Mainly because they are still enjoying riding high in the polls. What are people thinking of? I don’t get it. When someone beats you or swindles you or blatantly lies to you then you tend to regard them in low esteem. It would appear that the worse the government treats us, the better they are thought of.

But I’m supposed to be taking a more positive view. Hard as that is.

I’ve started building a wall (not a Roger Waters one) for a new conservatory. I’m no brickie but as my faithful old ‘Calculus made Easy’ book states: ‘What one fool can do, another can.’ That was coined by the fabulous Silvanus P. Thompson. I have no reason to doubt him and, although I don’t generally think of bricklayers as fools, I equally don’t consider them all to be geniuses. We’ll have to see how it all turns out. Slowly slowly catchee monkey at the moment and all is looking reasonably okay.

We’ve had a few days of lovely sunshine and warm weather and now, as Easter approaches, the wind is going to change and blow down from the Arctic. I suppose we will just have to manage. It would have been nice to celebrate our new-found freedoms in shorts and vests but it’s looking like it might have to be hiking gear and bonfires. I’m sure we’ll all cope.

As I said, it’s a short one this month. I think there are so many changes taking place, I’m finding it difficult to focus on any specific line of thought. We’re all holding our breaths and hoping for a positive outcome. I know I am. And we’re all desperate to get back to some kind of normality, though I suspect that is unlikely to happen in the short term. This last year has changed nearly all of us fundamentally (and mentally!) and many, far, far, too many, haven’t even made it. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched by grief over the last year and it’s going to take a long time, if ever, to forgive those who made bad, selfish, or stupid decisions. The fact of the government’s continuing popularity is testament to the craziness of the time in which we live. I can’t imagine being anything other than utterly furious. But the word on the street (well, the internet) is that the general population are so ill-informed or so lacking in the ability to think critically, that the government are being given credit for the amazingly successful rollout of the vaccine. That success is down to the fact that it was rolled out by people who were experts in doing that sort of thing (the NHS) and not a bunch of Hooray Henries who just happen to be in cabinet ministers WhatsApp lists.

Anyway, let’s all hope for some good news over the next month and that everyone keeps well and safe. Check out my Website where you will find plenty of nonsense and can even buy one of my old novels.

See you all in April!